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Track: Role of Nurses in Covid 19 Pandemic

Role of Nurses in Covid 19 Pandemic


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of nurse changed to care or respond to the needs of the patients, their families and their nurses. They also should take part in policies making, doing procedures and taking care of the necessary supply of the material and equipment in the hospitals. All over the world nurses are demonstrating their kindness, care, courage, values and professional responsibility as nursing personnel. Nurses’ are playing very important roles, when dealing with the COVID-19 patients because they are the one who is performing the screenings, implement triage, proving care to the patients, communicate with the caregivers, proving health education on prevention and protection from coronavirus and handle critical conditions.

·        Infection Prevention
·        Holistic Care
·        Community Health Nursing
·        Covid-19 Management
·        Nursing Leadership
·        Geriatric Care
·        Obstetric care