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Track: Public Health Nursing

Public Health Nursing


Public Health Nurse include the biggest expert section of the work environment in general wellbeing and are associated with the counteraction, instruction, backing, activism, appraisal, and assessment of Public Health. They hold an indispensable part in the counteraction of infection and help to advance local area wellbeing and security. For understudies effectively in a nursing system or who are as of now a rehearsing medical caretaker, general wellbeing nursing offers an assortment of freedoms to roll out critical improvements in general wellbeing. While most attendants care for each patient in turn, general wellbeing nurses care for whole populaces. The capacity to work with entire networks permits public health nurses to help in instructing the local area about medical problems to improve their wellbeing and security and encourage admittance to mind.

·        Aging and Public Health
·        Children and Health
·        Clinical Diabetes
·        Digital Public Health
·        Disaster and Emergency Medicine
·        Environmental health and Exposome
·        Health Economics
·        Infectious Diseases: Epidemiology and Prevention