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Track: Infertility/Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Infertility/Assisted Reproductive Technologies


Infertility is a condition which is found in both men and women, and the two of them are impacted similarly. Infertility in men and woman can in like manner be treated with Assisted reproduction techniques (ARTs)

Assisted reproduction is the assistance provided to address infertility. All treatments of fertility in which handling of both egg and embryo is done are included in “assisted reproductive techniques (ARTs).” In these techniques, eggs from woman’s ovaries are surgically removed and combined in vitro with sperm and embryo is ultimately returned to the uterine cavity. ARTs therefore incorporate a wide range of procedures that are used to overcome natural barriers in fertilization by directly collecting and in vitro handling of human gametes and replacement of embryo into the uterus.

·        In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
·        Embryo Transfer
·        Unassisted Reproduction
·        Surrogacy/Gestational Carrier
·        Bioethical Issues