Carla A. Giambrone

The State University of New York, USA


Dr. Carla A. Giambrone is a successful 30+ year CFO/entrepreneur turned psychologist who has followed her passion for creating safe and nurturing educational programs to help people grow and flourish. Specializing in physiological integration and somatic therapies, her work entails creating new pathways to well-being and encourages embodied growth and recovery. A creative therapist and researcher, Dr. Giambrone provides a deep conceptual understanding that promotes sustainable and positive trajectories for her clients and patients. A sought-after speaker, she regularly presents to research communities, boards, schools, and non-profits on topics ranging from employee engagement to increased capacity for change. She is passionate about creating a dynamic community and continues to lend her executive expertise to boards that promote her passions for creativity and education. Her research lines focus on well-being through yoga, promoting biometric specificity for physical activity prescription, and educational best practices throughout the lifespan.

Research Interest

Physiological integration, therapist and researcher