Track: Advances in Prenatal Care and Prenatal Diagnosis

Advances in Prenatal Care and Prenatal Diagnosis


Prenatal diagnosis has revolutionized prenatal care from the perspective of both the patient and the physician. Prenatal diagnosis also allows the neonatal and pediatric specialists to be adequately prepared for a potentially ill neonate at delivery. Recent progress in the fields of maternal fetal medicine, radiology, and genetics has resulted in great advances in prenatal diagnosis
Prenatal care is healthcare provided to a woman during pregnancy. It includes a sequence of medical visits and ancillary offerings designed to sell the fitness and health of the mother, fetus, and family. Its major components include early and continuing risk assessment, health promotion, and medical and psychosocial interventions and follow-up. Risk evaluation consists of complete assessment of the female’s or couple’s reproductive records, clinical risks, medicinal drug use, own circle of relative’s records and genetic risks, psychosocial factors, dietary and behavioral risks, and laboratory testing.